My name is Kyle. The short of it - I enjoy the creative process more than the average person. If you’ve got an idea I’m certain I can help you bring it into reality.

The Long of it - From the time I could hold a crayon I’ve been drawing, my grandmother’s refrigerator is littered with the proof, though in her older age she’s become more minimalistic and those may not be on display anymore. I grew up in a small Midwestern town with the best parents a kid could ask for. They continue to help and guide me to this day. I went to school for my BFA in a slightly bigger Midwestern town. I then moved to a fairly large Midwestern city and opened my first studio and gallery. Factory 17 was poised in the up-and-coming Fountain Square district of Indianapolis, Indiana. For a year and a half I conducted openings for myself and fellow artists. Two dimensional works, three dimensional works, live bands, live performances, the factory saw it all. It was a rush and such a great learning experience yet I found myself yearning for more; so in early 2014 I sold off all my works (burned the rest) packed two suitcases and moved to the Pacific Northwest. I currently work out of Seattle Washington, and I won’t lie to you- Northwest is, indeed, best.

Personal Info


Highly skilled draughtsman

Seasoned woodworker

Mixed media artist


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